Collection: Solamente: A Journey through Color and Word (2023)

Jennifer S. Levine’s newest collection of paintings with written accompaniment.

The show is called “Solamente”. It is a Spanish word which translates into the English adverb “only”. In the idea of “only”, it seems a singular construct. But, as an adverb, it is a modifier which defines a verb, phrase or even whole sentence. There’s an isolating interdependence at play when “only” is introduced. To say, “I am only…” or “If only…” or “Should I only…” we find ourselves in relationships of limitations. And, that is not a way to live. The body of work in this show is about taking away the “only” and exploring the countless, immeasurable ways one can express oneself through color and word. The collection is meant to be aspirational. It is meant to be inspirational. The viewer is invited to engage in the pieces both visually, then spiritually by reading their companion thought-pieces and either agreeing with the artist or having their own completely different interpretation.

So, if the show is about engagement then why is it called “Solamente”? Ms. Levine has a simple answer for this, “I wanted to underscore the importance of what it is to not have qualifiers in your life holding you back. I thought the best way to do that was by entitling the show as a qualifier, a direct point and counterpoint in your face… and, being a native Texan, having studied Spanish at such a young age, ‘solamente’ was the first word that came to mind, gave the concept more poignancy.”