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Acrylic on canvas, 4 x 2 FT.

To amalgamate means to mix or merge so as to make a combination, blend and unite. We are a summation of our parts. Things affects us, experiences and environments. To each situation, we bring this catalogue of knowledge. Some call it baggage but I prefer to think of it as life lessons. We are at core the same throughout our lives, that raw, pink canvas if you will. But as our journey continues with people we meet, things we do, subjects we study and places we’ve been, our blank canvas gets filled to inform who we are as adults. I love how things come together, how I can trace certain pivotal moments in my life that led me to sitting right on this spot and writing these words. Each experience, each person in my life has a purpose and it is beautiful. At the end of the day, it’s the whole spectrum of colors in our lives that makes it all worthwhile.

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