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SKY IN MOTION Shower Curtains

SKY IN MOTION Shower Curtains

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This is the accent piece your bathroom is looking for... the jewel tones are a terrific compliment to any combination of towels and rugs. Plus, it's easy to keep clean! 100% polyester makes it machine washable in cold water, delicate cycle only. No bleach and tumble dry on low, press with low heat.

The shower curtain measures 71 x 74 IN, 12 button holes for hook placement.


SKY IN MOTION: Acrylic on canvas, 5 x 4 FT.

I'd venture to say the most photographed natural wonder is the sky. It evokes dreams, wishes, grand adventure. This strives to express those wonderful evocations with its study in blues, and the fire of a vibrant, imaginative star.

Each hour in a day, each season that passes, the sky has its color and purpose. It forecasts the weather, helps farmers for their crops. Its heavenly bodies stand as beacons, giving direction to lost souls and keeping course for sailors. This piece emulates all those purposeful moments in a literal stop motion visual vocabulary. What do you see when you look up?

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