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WE CAN BE HEROES Metallic Mugs

WE CAN BE HEROES Metallic Mugs

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Be honest, can you ever have too many cups or thermoses to mug? It's always a great gift for yourself or a friend. So, drink it up with some spark and some color!

These 11 oz metallic mugs are a perfect way to start your day or close it! Crafted with a white ceramic base, these mugs are coated with your choice of three sparkling colors: pink, silver and gold with a wrap-around Jennifer S. Levine original.


WE CAN BE HEROES: Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 16 IN.

Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth was a PBS series of discussions with Bill Moyers released in 1988. Like many interested in mythology and philosophy, I was enraptured by it. I’ve done a piece before about Joseph Campbell before but there’s so much to explore in his words and concepts. One quote in particular is my favorite which I think about often, “When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else.”

So, circling back to this piece, as of late I’ve been exploring weaving patterns. I’ve been imagining how to emulate that rich texture and the many metaphors, mythologies weaving throughout human history involving thread. Naturally, in the western tradition, the most famous of these would be the Fates but that’s for another piece… skipping forward, thinking on the Fates, I was drawn back to that Yonkers professor from Sarah Lawerence College and those darned doors. If the doors were always there, what if we’re not looking for them but discovering the keys to unlock them through engaging our curiosity and learning from our experience?

And, here’s the biggest question of all: If we have the keys to unlocking our full potential within us, what’s stopping us from using them? I’d venture to guess the answer lies in two further questions. Why so often have we let excuses and fear stand in our way of things we’ve always wanted to do? What is the risk in being our own hero, opening those doors we already see… just for one day?

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