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THOSE SPACES I LOVE Welly Traveler Copper Vacuum Bottles

THOSE SPACES I LOVE Welly Traveler Copper Vacuum Bottles

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The Welly Traveler Copper Vacuum Bottle 18oz fits most standard cup holders. It features double-wall steel construction, copper insulation, natural bamboo wrap base, screw-on lid, powder coating, condensation-resistant exterior and removable fruit infuser for adding healthy flavors to water. It keeps beverages chilled for 48 hours or hot for 12 hours. Welly contributes 1% of sales toward the construction of wells in areas without clean water so it is a great choice for conscious buyers.


THOSE SPACES I LOVE: Acrylic on canvas, 4 x 3 FT.

This is a personal favorite and will always be, for its colors and movement. It reminds me of every beautiful sunset settling into the lake I loved as a child, warm sunbaked skin after a day of splashing in the waves and the many family memories that still keep my heart aglow. The negative space in this piece is representative of that lost childhood and my parents gone too soon. That said, the picture wouldn't be perfect without that space being felt.

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