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Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 IN.

When I was a kid, summer was the most magical season swimming between the pool in the backyard and lapping waves against the dock at the lake. It’s funny the things you remember and forget as the years slip by, especially when you’ve been long gone from the halcyon days of childhood and far removed from the lifestyle of your home state of mind.

In Texas, life revolved around backyard BBQs, piñon wood fires, beach towels and swimsuits. It’s not that Colorado is so different for the outdoors. It’s just different. Drives to a lake or reservoir usually involve a switchback or two with crisp mountains on the western horizon. When people tell ya to go take a hike, they usually mean clearing your head with rocky trails and evergreens. Parks are flooded with Canadian geese and picnicking. It’s a wonderful life, no matter which way ya slice it but there are days my pixelated memories of childhood are missed and I’d just enjoy floating in my parents’ pool, counting clouds while splashing away the clumps of purple Crape Myrtle leaves, until getting called in to decide what’s for dinner.

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