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Acrylic on canvas, 2 x 4 FT.

Symbiotic means having an interdependent relationship. It’s the nature of things, a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon and hurricanes and such… or, maybe, a relationship between two people which turns into chaos.

I started this piece a little over a year from when I finished it. I began this piece two weeks before my ex and I parted ways. To say either of us didn’t see it coming wouldn’t be true. We did. We both wanted things to work but we just couldn’t fix what was broken, slowly everything became broken. It wasn’t a single argument or incident or person to blame. It was a cascade of things that just no longer fit, no longer defined what it means when two people are together. It took time, took healing but we’re friends now and will always be.
In that process of healing, I kept looking at this painting in the corner. I reworked it while finishing other pieces. I rushed it as I wanted it to be done, wanted to close the chapter on what it represented. I even signed it a month ago and claimed it done. Then, this piece became more than I thought I wanted it to be. It became symbiotic. It became what a relationship should be. The closure came in the harmony of what was and the hope of what can be. It wasn’t about how things ended but the healthy lessons I took away from the experience. Our story may not have meant to be forever but I’m that much closer to being ready for the right fit. For that, I’m grateful.
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