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SYLLOGISM: 16x20 (520 pieces) Puzzle

SYLLOGISM: 16x20 (520 pieces) Puzzle

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You're never too young and never too old for enjoying some time away from the screens and gathering around a table to put some pieces together. Designed with a glossy finish and original artworks from Jennifer S. Levine, these puzzles are a perfect past time to sooth the soul.


SYLLOGISM: Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 IN.

Syllogism is a seductive reasoning argument. It’s an Aristotelian concept of logic wherein it is best expressed in its typical form as “All A is C; all B is A; therefore all B is C.” The reason I was thinking about this concept and titled this piece as such is because I was playing with mirror images. From the alternating colors in the panels to the sloping lines across the piece and bars going down, the theme is balance. A perfect argument is not disruptive but balanced and logical. There are ways to disagree with someone or something and still find a common thread of harmony... even if it is simply to agree to disagree. I like this piece because to date, it’s the most thoughtful statement piece I’ve explored.

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