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SOLAMENTE COMMEMORATIVE COLLECTION: Limited Edition Monthly Calendar for 2024

SOLAMENTE COMMEMORATIVE COLLECTION: Limited Edition Monthly Calendar for 2024

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This is THE day! We all have those days but the rest of the time maybe not so much. If we're lucky, life is busy but it can be too busy. Sometimes we just need a beat to remember why we're here: take inventory, allow for fun, grab a little adventure, give back, feel gratitude or just have a laugh. I know I do!

After weeks of combing through calendars and the internet, reading about thousands of holidays and traditions, I think I've compiled the perfect collection to keep your year on track with a little joy and inspiration. Plus, I haven't forgotten to note all the full moons and eclipses so you know when things are gonna get CRAZY!

I know not everyday needs to be special nor, realistically, can it be. Some days on this calendar are stacked with suggestions and a few are empty (with room to mark your own occasions, of course). I selected dates throughout the year that will eventually connect with everyone, sooner or later. If even one day speaks to you in the month, color me thrilled to have succeeded!

So, enjoy and big cheers to a bigger, brighter year ahead as we all so richly deserve!

Jennifer S. Levine

Product specifications:

  • Original paintings for each month along with a QR code linking to the piece online so you can read the written accompaniment.
  • Some pieces are already in private collections and others are still available for purchase, which you can discover through the QR code.
  • The calendar format is ledger, vertical (16.5" x 11")
  • Printed on 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-gloss silk paper.
  • One page for each month, a cover page and back page, double sided, seven sheets in total.
  • Sturdy wire-binding with hook for easy hanging.
  • Packaging is a flat, protected box, brown or white color.
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