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These suitcases are all sorts of perfect and guaranteed you won't get yours lost in the crowd! Measuring 22.04 x 9.05 x 14.17 IN, with 4 castors which have 360 degree mobility and TSA-approved locks, these suitcases aren't only smart-looking but just plain smart! Then, the designs are printed onto 100 % poly to be finished by a Plexiglas panel overlay. Talk about durable, the Samsonite Gorilla couldn't take these suitcases down! Even before you're planning your next trip, grab one of these to be ready!


SANGUINE: Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 14 IN.

Sanguine means cheerfully optimistic but is also an adjective describing a color as being reddish or ruddy. This piece is the first piece I started and finished when I moved back to Colorado after a 2 and a half years’ sojourn in Dallas. It was a long and trying time in Dallas, the whole spectrum of emotions. At the end of it all, I look back on the stay with no regrets because I did it out of love. There are times I wish I’d done things better, wish that circumstances had been different but I did as best I could and was able. I’m glad to be back home, though “home” of any sort seems like a distant dream... with Dallas as my hometown and Denver as my adopted home, I feel like my space in this world is in the process of rediscovery. That said, as my duties to my family lie behind me, I’m happy and ready for new things to come into my life. I look at this piece with the layers of reds, oranges and golds, the lines upon lines, and think of the vital journeys we have in this world. I think of how we can start in the same place yet end up in completely different destinations because those are our separate courses. Then, there’s the overlapping of our lives and the intersections we encounter, all have purpose. I genuinely love life and live in love with life. To me, this piece is a snapshot of that pulse.

Designer Suitcase

  • Printed poly canvas under Plexiglas hard shell
  • 4 x 360° swivel wheels
  • Ideal size for hand luggage
  • Light and compact
  • Double zip opening
  • TSA-approved lock technology
  • 22.04 x 9.05 x 14.17 IN
  • Sustainably printed
  • Hand-printed to order

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

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