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RUMINATION: 70 x 26 IN. Yoga Mat

RUMINATION: 70 x 26 IN. Yoga Mat

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Do we really need an excuse to take our shoes off and relax for a stretch? Luxuriate in your breathing, your poses on these 70 x 26 IN microfiber suede yoga mats. The edge-to-edge prints of Jennifer S. Levine's vibrant artwork, the anti-slip and impact resistant cushioning are the perfect combination to help you align, body and soul.


RUMINATION: Acrylic on canvas, 2 x 1 FT.

Rumination means a deep or considered thought about something, something written or spoken that expresses such pondering or musings. For all intent and purpose, one could argue that all of these accompaniments with my paintings are ruminations. And, that’s true but it goes further than that.

Originally when I started approaching my work in this manner, through color and word, I envisioned a series being called: Use Your BLEEPING Words. The idea was a response to feeling like we are living in an increasingly noisy and rushed space. As that space has become normalized, we’ve lost our ability to sit still, our ability to process things and, most importantly, our ability to communicate within and without ourselves. I thought my best way to engage with this theme was through bold images which become thinking pieces of themselves and then adding the vignettes to open a verbal dialogue as well. As I’ve progressed in exploring this open-paged “artist book” theme, the pieces have become more than just using vocabulary as a tool but included a myriad of things from memories to ideas to… well, ruminations.

So, in this painting as a “thinking piece”, there are a few things going on here. It’s almost mathematical in composition with the equilateral triangle being the dominate feature. The triangle itself being vibrant, warm colors with under designs radiating out from what I was imagining was a kind of event horizon sitting on that stagnant space. The stagnant space being like an ocean of mystery, a “before awareness” allusion and then there was life. If we could see ideas being born, this is what I’d imagine it would look like. And, if you want to take in one step forward, one could suggest, though inverted, the triangle is both sacred and female.

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