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PLUVIAL Stemless Wine Glasses

PLUVIAL Stemless Wine Glasses

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This 15 oz, lead-free glass is made in the USA with a delicately printed accent from the collection of Jennifer S. Levine's original paintings. The bell shape curve is perfectly balanced for stability on a table and comfort in you hand as you enjoy your favorite libation. So, grab a glass to cool down in the heat of the afternoon or to chill out on a lazy evening.

Hand wash only


PLUVIAL: Acrylic on canvas, 1 x 3 FT.

Pluvial means of or relating to rain, rainy. The other evening the sky hung low, then that smell of cut grass filled the air. It began to rain. There’s something about the rain, the pattering on the roof, the standing puddles collecting drips and ripples, the occasional gusts of wind. And then, there’s the next day where everything is green and seems to have grown 3 feet while we slept. I love the rain. This piece was started that night and grew from there...

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