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OPTICS Desk Mats

OPTICS Desk Mats

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This non-slip desk mat is the perfect touch for work-from-home, office, counters, cards or gaming. The mat has a soft fabric polyester top, rubber backing and is 1/8 IN thick. The mat comes in 4 sizes (10 x 16 IN, 12 x 18 IN, 14 x 24 IN, 18 x 36 IN.). I mean, Goldilocks couldn't do better than that!


OPTICS: Acrylic on canvas, 1 x 2 FT.

Optics is the way a situation, action or event is perceived by the public or a particular group of people. I actually finished this piece last week, the day of the Democratic debates. I find politics fascinating, especially the rhetoric of debate. How much is it perception versus reality? What informs our partisanship to one candidate over another? How is it that 2 people can see the same thing so clearly, yet have completely different words in describing it and concepts as to how to approach it? I mean, we’re looking at the same target, or ends, right? Or is our linear trajectory merely muddling the overlying pattern which is the heart of a matter? These are my questions in this piece... don’t claim to know the answers.

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