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NOCTURNE Ribbed Neck Tank Top

NOCTURNE Ribbed Neck Tank Top

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Up for the gym or out for a walkabout, these sporty tank tops with ribbed neck detail are for the active every guy. The top has clean lines and is fitted but made for comfort. The medium weight fabric is 100 % Polyester, woven using pique knit with small distinctive holes for air flow which makes it incredibly breathable. This means a fella can actually be cool while being cool!


NOCTURNE: Acrylic on canvas, 2 x 2 FT.

Nocturne is a piece relating to night, a composition of dreamy or pensive nature. The other night, some time last week, I was feeling a little sad about something. I won’t go into details but it being night, I felt it a little more than I might have otherwise. So, I pulled out my brush and began with blue and purple, then filled most the canvas with the cool colors of night and flashes of silvery stars. I was going to continue more forms and designs, as I do with all my other work. But, when I stepped away, I realized that the piece was done. I had captured my moment of the night. The stillness of night, the solitude with its dull whispers of my little fan in my space is stark. It’s a space that is simple, uncluttered with the daily grind of traffic and time to be met. Even in my sadness the other evening, I felt the moment as near to perfect as any other labored composition. I suppose every artist has his or her evening ode; this is mine.

Designer Tank Top

  • Stretch, ultra breathable Airflow Fabric
  • Sleeveless design
  • Fitted chest
  • Rounded neckline
  • Ribbed band accent color at neck
  • Sustainably printed
  • Handmade to order

Turn inside out before washing. 86°F wash. Do not wring. Low heat iron, Iron on the reverse of the printed side. Do not tumble dry.

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Do Not Wring
  • Low Heat
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
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