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LIFE IS MESSY: 8 x 10 IN (110 pieces) Puzzle

LIFE IS MESSY: 8 x 10 IN (110 pieces) Puzzle

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You're never too young and never too old for enjoying some time away from the screens and gathering around a table to put some pieces together. Designed with a glossy finish and original artworks from Jennifer S. Levine, these puzzles are a perfect past time to sooth the soul.


LIFE IS MESSY: Acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14 IN.

Life is messy. No matter how much you organize, have your routines, have your plans, life has a way of oozing through and showing the cracks. Messy is good, healthy. It’s the happy accidents. It’s the unplanned memories. Painting outside the lines gives you the contrast and color that makes life worth living. Life is messy and that’s what makes it all the more beautiful.

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