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EMERGENT Clutch Bags

EMERGENT Clutch Bags

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This funky fun clutch bag is a cinch for any wardrobe! With a zipper fastener, inside pocket and wrist loop, it's practical, too. Crafted in 100% vegan PU leather with a saffiano (textured to resist scratches or scuffs) finish and wrapped with Jennifer S. Levine's vibrant paintings it's the perfect statement piece for every occasion!

Clutch specs: 9.45 IN. length x 6.3 IN. width


EMERGENT: Acrylic on canvas, 2 x 4 FT.

Emergent means “in the process of coming into being or becoming prominent.” In a burst of color, a big bang, a pulse from nothingness, we explode into being. There are no moments as powerful as birth and many moments that are allegorical to it. This is exemplary to those very moments. It’s messy. It’s volatile. It’s beautiful. It’s rough around the edges. It peals us apart and pulls us together. It’s the ultimate sublime. We emerge.

Into what? Into where? We don’t know until we get there. And, at times, we may not even know were “there-there” is until we long since pass it.

This piece is an attempt at expressing that moment of becoming, the tipping point with which the momentum towards a direction becomes the direction. It’s dynamic. It’s bold. It’s rough and peeling away. It’s EMERGENT.

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