What's so FANCY about We Fancy? Meet founder, Jennifer S. Levine.
We Fancy, Ltd. is based in Colorful Colorado. Our backyard, a trailhead near the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.

What's so FANCY about We Fancy? Meet founder, Jennifer S. Levine.

Hello and welcome to We Fancy!

My name is Jennifer. I'm an artist, writer and the founder of We Fancy, Ltd. I've always loved creating but more so I love connecting, celebrating moments and the family, friends with which I share them. I'm that gal that carries stamps and still buys postcards when I travel. I like sending random texts or notes or small gifts just because...

Unfortunately, with my parents gone and my grandmother's passing last Christmas, I don't have those family connections anymore. I miss them. But, I have my guy, my friends and my words. All those things mixed together inspired me to create We Fancy.

We Fancy is about living in the moment. Special occasions and celebrations are great to have on the calendar. Wish lists are a fantastic way to organize goals. And, bucket lists are wonderful aspirations. We Fancy embraces all of these concepts but has a simple question to them, "Why not now?"

My family believed in "Now". My dad used to call me just to tell me, "I love you." When I'd assume this was the start of a conversation, he'd cut me off, "That doesn't mean I want to talk to you right now, just wanted to tell you I love you and now I've gotta get..." And, of course, I'd tell him I loved him too before we hung up. My mom would send me little notes, newspaper clippings and could tell jokes that would make my belly jiggle. And, my meme would call me several times a month, always finishing the call with, "I pray for you everyday."

It's those interactions and so much more that are what family means to me. I miss it. I miss it a lot. So, with the encouragement of my guy and the friends that have become my chosen family, We Fancy was conceived.

We Fancy, Ltd. is a community lifestyle brand rooted in gratitude and living in the now. Our custom messaged jewelry line exemplifies this mission. They are imbued with love on many layers, from Julian designing them in our partnership to me writing them as love letters to your loved ones. We chose these pieces to launch our store because we wanted a foundation of gratitude to grow our mission. Over the next couple months, we'll be rolling out the rest of our collections: more personalized gifts, seasonal accents for gatherings, home decor for your space and original art from our studio.

Oh, so you may be wondering still, what's so FANCY about We Fancy? Why, you are and never forget that! Thank you for being a part of the WE in We Fancy, Ltd.
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